Whether it is for a commercial, governmental/public sector or personal utility application, ARGOs fill the gap between recreational quads and heavy off road equipment. ARGO will climb, crawl or swim anywhere you have to go, with the equipment and tools you need, at a cost you can afford.

Terrain Capabilities
ARGO goes where others can’t follow
- 8x8 mobility and strong-but-light construction give ARGOs the low ground pressure and traction to traverse all types of soft and difficult soils including muck, swamp, muskeg and snow
- With their add-on rubber tracks, ARGOs tread as lightly as your own footprint
- ARGOs swim or ford water obstacles with no preparation required to enter or exit
- The integral skid plate and high ground clearance of the ARGO body prevents bottoming out or hanging up on terrain obstacles

Passenger Safety
Today’s best Static Stability Factor (SSF) means ARGOs are up to four times less likely to roll-over  than traditional UTVs
- With the industry’s lowest center of gravity (CG), ARGO vehicles traverse side slopes, grades and obstacles that are inaccessible to other vehicles 
- Attachments are designed, tested and engineered to minimize the impact of the Static Stability Factor
- Payloads are low  to the ground to maintain stability in motion, even when fully loaded
- The exclusive Admiral triple-differential transmission provides exceptionally smooth steering in constricted areas while maintaining traction on all wheels

“Green” mobility
In environmentally sensitive areas, ARGOs tread lightly and leave no toxic traces behind
- With ground pressure as low as 1.06 psi, ARGO will cross fragile terrain features with no lasting impact on vegetation and substrates
- ARGO's fully-sealed body ensures that all engine and mechanical fluids are well contained to avert all soil and water contamination
- The design and placement of the exhaust and electrical systems of ARGO minimize any risk of a fire hazard in dry vegetation

High Utilization
You get more value from an ARGO because you can do more with it
- Optional cargo decks and interchangeable attachments turn the ARGO into a versatile mobile platform for completing heavy duty tasks on the jobsite, farm, fishing camp or hunting lodge
- ARGO’s exceptional terrain capabilities and high altitude performance extends the range of sites and seasons where vehicles can operate productively
- ARGO’s add-on trailer vastly improves “payload per sortie” to carry 6 personnel plus up to 2000 lb 907 kg) of equipment, instruments and supplies
- Choice of diesel or gasoline power fits the available fuel type to suit remote jobsites

ARGO keeps crews and equipment productive in work areas where the only alternative is heavy machinery or air lifts
- ARGOs cost far less than the heavier equipment required for equal off-road mobility; multiple ARGO units less cost than a single off-road hauler
- An ARGO vehicle allows access to the worksite regardless of the remoteness of the location for more work days so high-value crews and equipment earn more every year
- The complete family of ARGO 8x8 extreme terrain and amphibious models provides the right selection to match the needs of local customers and provide operators and rental companies with the right mix of products and accessories for maximized utilization of the fleet.

Turn water obstacles into amphibious fun with the versatile Argos!

One of the Argo family’s most distinguishing features is its swimming and water-crossing capabilities. Your Argo powers through all types of wetland environments      including slow-moving streams, rivers, ponds and even small lakes. The Argo’s specially designed webbed tires allow it to effortlessly propel through the water. Drive  in and get your fishing tackle out- there’s no dismounting or preparation required to move seamlessly from land to water and back again.While their top swimming speed in water is 3 mph, outboard motor option accelerates their water mobility to as much as 10 mph. The XTI, HDi and Explorer models are all fully amphibious, while  the heavy-duty Centaur will ford streams as deep as 26 inches. With efficient load distribution, your Argo can swim with up to 750 lb (350 kg) in water, so adventurers and their gear travel together to their getaway spot in one trip.

Floods? Won't keep us out!

From muskeg and peat bogs to salt marshes and swamp lands, flooded terrain is no match for the Argo extreme terrain vehicles As one of nature’s most treacherous challenges to vehicle mobility, floodlands have the potential to turn adventures into trouble. With their great traction, light footprint and sealed body, Argos are your best bet for a safe and memorable excursion. Argo combines the strength, power, stability and amphibious mobility to make it through the all types of silt, muck and soft soils. Flooded areas can acquire the characteristics of quicksand, where it’s crucial for a vehicle remain on or near the surface to retain traction without bogging down.  Where submerged areas make surface conditions uncertain, the Argo series and Centaurs are the ideal candidates. Their low ground pressure and superior traction let them cruise smoothly over the ground surface, or transition into swimming mode effortlessly. These features are a major benefit in environmentally sensitive and protected areas, as every Argo vehicle ensures that you leave the lightest footprint in the industry.

Argo's will take you to new heights! Argo gets you over the rocks, without the rolls!

Go further, go harder with ARGO mobility, even at higher altitudes. Argo was designed specifically to climb up rocks and keep on going. With an incredible Safety Stability Factor (SSF) comparable utility vehicles are up to 3 or 4 times more likely to roll over than an Argo. Even when fully loaded with supplies and tools, designed to sit low on the unit and easily attachable, the very low center of gravity ensures that the ARGO keeps its balance while climbing hills, rocks and uneven terrain.The all-season Argo is well-suited to hilly or rocky terrain. Argo vehicles scale all sorts of rugged landscapes in all weather conditions. Superior traction, the industry’s lowest centre of gravity and a triple differential transmission all add up to maximum control and stability on sheer slopes. Argo’s capabilities were tested on the Rubicon Trail, known as the “granddaddy of all off-highway trails”. The Rubicon is 12 miles of rocky, unmaintained county roads in the Sierra Mountains. The steep rock cliffs and challenging ravines didn’t stop the Argos.

Get a grip on icy conditions with Argos!

Heading out for a weekend of ice fishing or crossing the pond into town for supplies, you need the power, maneuverability and light ride of Argo. Their extremely low ground pressure turns more frozen lakes and streams into clear iceways for quick, safe, easy transits. Even if the ice lets you down, Argo keeps going with its amphibious capability to keep you safe and mobile. Webbed wheels propel multi-passenger vehicles through the water until, when the ice is thick enough, the Argo can claw its way back out. Argo is the most versatile vehicle for ice conditions. On rugged ice packs, ridges and slopes, Argo’s low center of gravity, even when loaded with supplies, protects crews and supplies against roll-overs.

“[the Argos] saved our bacon. Since the ice was only two to three inches, it was too thin for snowmobiles and ATV’s. The Argos assisted in pulling out snowmobiles and ATV’s all day long.”

     - Mike “Smitty” Smith
      Coordinating Director, Ice Fishing Tournaments

Group of people? No problem!

Transport your entire party to camps and bait stations efficiently in an Argo, deploy troops and support crews from mountain ridges to muskeg barrens, Argo makes the ideal off-road vehicle for multi-passenger forays into the most remote areas. Capable of carrying up to six people on land and four on water, Argo has the capacity, power and stability to move your group safely and smoothly to their destination. A low center of gravity and 8-wheel traction, plus the optional ROPS package, keeps passengers secure on board, while the water-sealed body keeps personnel comfortable and supplies and equipment dry. Whether you are transporting a hunting party into bear country, firefighters to a sudden outbreak, a medical team to an accident scene, or eco-tourists into unspoiled wilderness, count on Argo to get them there, and get them home again, safely. 

Why take the long way around it, when you can climb right over it?

Fearlessly take on fallen trees, rocks and other obstacles with the 8x8 traction and outstanding stability of Argos. With their specially designed Rawhide III Goodyear tires, Argo opens more places to go and more sights to enjoy outdoors. This superior traction overcomes the most challenging terrain. Where others see the end of the road, your adventure is just beginning. With Argo’s low center of gravity and overall stability – much lower than any competitive vehicle’s – the ARGOs climb without tipping over, even when they’re fully loaded.

That means a safer ride for both the vehicle and its cargo. Unlike a traditional ATV, Argos avoid bottoming out and hang-ups with a high ground clearance, integral scuff plate and 8-wheel traction to grip and claw its way to your destination.

When there’s serious work to be done, Argos more than carry their weight.

With a load capacity of up to 1,500 lb (680 kg) and a towing capacity of up to 2,000 lb (907 kg), Argo will make sure your load gets to where it needs to be. Whether hauling logs back to camp or delivering equipment to groom trails, the Argo XTV is the vehicle for the job. The sheer pulling power of these machines is relentless. Their renowned durability means fewer maintenance stops as well. With an optional trailer, built to the same rugged standards as Argo vehicles, the XTV family ensures ample capacity to make sure your party and their gear arrive safely, and arrive together

“My outposts are several miles away from base camp and require a robust, versatile vehicle to transport my customers and equipment. My fleet of Argo vehicles transports my customers and also performs all the heavy hauling, equipment and supply transport… this vehicle performs where others fail.”

                                                               - Jerry Lubeck
                                                                Alberta Adventure Tours

Don’t let dust and grit get in the way of your mission.

A hot day at the beach and on the dunes gets easier in an Argo. Argos are built to bring sand and surf together. With its low ground pressure and light-footed traction, Argo XTVs skim easily over all types of loose, soft soils. Where other ATV’s often fail to find a grip, Argo and Centaurs are consistently able to mount the most challenging sand environments with minimal impact on sensitive dune structures and vegetation. Don’t just tow your boat to water line – pull it right in, then let the Argo swim you back to shore.

“We needed a vehicle that could move a large volume of equipment onto the beach and also a vehicle that could travel over soft sand while towing a boat. The Argo could do both.

 -Steve Townsend                                                           

   Ocean Beach Volunteer Life Saving Patrol in New Zealand

In deep snow, Argo XTVs dig in. Add your choice of optional rubber tracks to Argo or Centaur vehicles and easily navigate the deepest drifts in frigid conditions. With the lowest ground pressure of any comparable vehicle, these XTVS ride over snow-covered hills and valleys instead of sinking in. Part snowmobile and part pick-up truck, the versatile and dependable Argos keep your work crews working through winter weather and terrain conditions. Heavy duty snowplows can also be added as an accessory allowing you to tackle the worst winter storms. Have a look at some videos of ARGOs outfitted with snowplows here.

“This machine is, hands-down, the best piece of equipment to have for working in deep snow. Our oversized snowshoes still sunk 16 to 24 inches into the snow. I can honestly say that if it was not for the Argo, we would have not been able to complete the job until the snow melted.”                                

 - Will Dolinar 

LSIT William H Smith and Associates P.C.

Operations/Field Manager